South Florida Business Promotions
Let US Continuously Promote Your Business Economically And Effectively To A Large Local Target Audience

Knowing that small business customers are usually located close to where they shop or do business, we directly promote local businesses to targeted prospects in the community. Learn how we'll target prospects for you, who live and work near to your business location.

How We Have Built An Authentic Prospecting List In South Florida For Our Advertisers 
For the 15 years that we have been operating our Breaking News and Bargains website,, located in Miami, we have gathered over 20 thousand emails with owner's names from consumers in South Florida who have voluntarily supplied them to us. Some are fans of this website founder and president Patrick O'Neil, for his work as narrator of Sun-Sentinel's award winning documentary "Witness To An Epidemic, AIDS In The Caribbean", accredited by the Online News Association (ONA) and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Others are his fans who are familiar with his broadcasting, formerly aired on 5 of South Florida's leading radio stations over the last 18 years.

The radio stations are WVCG 1080am targeting English speaking Caribbean listeners including Haitians and Hispanics from Homestead to Delray Beach, WAVS 1170am targeting primarily Jamaicans and other English speaking Caribbean listeners from Homestead to Lake Worth, News Radio 610am WIOD listened to by a large white audience as well as by persons of all races from the Florida Keys to Northern Palm Beach, WXEL 90.7FM-(NPR Affiliate) listened to primarily by white audience but serves listeners of all races from North Miami to Northern Palm Beach and WSBR 740am-(Money Talk Radio) targeting primarily investors and listeners with money issues from North Miami to North Palm Beach.

80% of the fans in our email database are from Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Dominica, US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Belize, Montserrat, St. Lucia, Antigua and other Caribbean nations. Over 6 thousand of the fans from the Caribbean on our email list reside in Miami-Dade County; over 8 thousand reside in Broward County and over 2 thousand reside in Palm Beach County. Our database also has more than four thousand emails with owners' names from radio fans who are traditional Americans as well as from fans who are of various (non-Caribbean) ethnicities. Over 500 of those fans reside in Miami-Dade; over 1,500 reside in Broward and over 2,000 reside in Palm Beach. As an indication that the fans trust us, they have requested that we send them frequent updates via emails about companies goods and services that we promote and we want to tell them about your business.

How We Publish The Information That Promotes Your Business
  • We operate the South Florida Business Directory here at where we offer to publish your business on a dedicated page in the relevant category and only your business information will be on that page.

  • While you are filling out the application here at for this service, you can use the space provided on the form to include the information about your business that you want us to publish on your page. This can include a summary of the goods or services you offer including prices, your latest discount offers, your latest press release, etc. Other advertising items you can send us to publish on your page are: a professional Youtube video, file for audio that promotes your business and up to 3 photos no bigger than 300 x 250 pixels each. You would send us these files as attachments to this email:

  • Additionally, research shows that online audio (Audio Podcast) is becoming increasingly popular and many people, who are too busy to watch a 15-30 minute video interview or feature online, prefer to download the audio version as MP3 and listen to the content from their car stereos while driving. This is also a highly recommended way to promote your business with new information about your goods or services at least once per month on your dedicated page . Patrick O'Neil can interview you or your designated representative or produce a feature about your business and publish it on your dedicated business page.    

How You Pay Us Online To Promote Your Business
  • After you use our online application form to send us your business information for publishing, you will be automatically directed to the page where you can securely pay us for your promotion via Pay Pal. You can pay us with Credit or Debit Card as well as check. You'll pay a nominal one-time payment annual fee and we will promote your business every day for one year. 

Your Other Payment Option
  • If you would prefer that we visit you at your South Florida office/home, complete the application form there and collect the check; please call 305-654-8364 or text 786-553-7359 to request an appointment. You can also email your appointment request to

How We Promote Your Business To Our Fans/The Prospects When You Advertise With US
  • Every time we publish a new advertiser's information in the South Florida Business Directory at, we invite the fans on our list who live or work in the county where the advertiser's business is located; to visit the page and see the advertisement. We invite the fans via emails and ask them to also invite their locally based relatives, friends, religious associates, co-workers and social media followers to visit the advertiser's page. We repeat the request every time we update new info on each advertiser's page.

  • In addition to the radio fans that we send updates to, Patrick O'Neil has over 1,000 social media followers in South Florida who have more than 220 thousand connections in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The followers have requested frequent updates from us about the goods and services that we promote and have offered to forward the information to their connections. Every time we publish new information on an advertiser's page, we  will inform our followers and remind them to notify their connections.  

  • Some of our South Florida based social media followers and our fans as well as local visitors from search engines complete and submit our marketing survey form. This allows us to also invite them to see specific ads that match their preferences.  

  • We write your information professionally on your dedicated page as well as in your page title and description to match popular, relevant keywords. They are keywords that local prospects use in Google, Bing/Yahoo and other search engines to search for goods or services that you are marketing. We then manually index your page in Google and Bing/Yahoo search engines as well as other search engines; which can enable local prospects who search the Internet for what you offer, to find the page with your ad.

Free Promotion on Radio, Exclusively Offered by
  • One of the exciting things about this promotion is that we air 4 free 30 second ads on WAVS 1170am radio for your business, after we at receive your economical, one time annual fee for your dedicated page in the South Florida Business Directory here at Shortly after each advertiser's ad is aired, we will promote the South Florida Business Directory on the air and invite the listeners to visit the directory. This means, should there be even one new advertiser in this directory per week (which is likely); we will promote the directory on WAVS radio weekly; which can attract up to hundreds of visitors to the directory in a week, who can view your ad and subsequently become your customers/clients. Going forward, we will also expand our promotion of the directory on WAVS radio, to match the following quotas: 50 ads in the directory = 1 radio spot weekly - 100 ads in the directory = 2 radio spots weekly - 150 ads in the directory = 3 radio spots weekly - and 200+ ads in the directory = 4 radio spots weekly. WAVS has been consistently targeting South Florida's consumers from the English speaking Caribbean with unique programing since 1987. The population targeted is now approximately 1 million. Our site visitors from the radio promotion will be able to easily access the South Florida Business Directory from the homepage.

          Here is an example of the ad we will air on WAVS radio to promote the Directory: Please click here to listen.

  • As soon as we publish 450 ads in the directory, we will issue a press release to the Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, New Times, the other local newspapers and news websites, South Florida TV stations and the 68 FCC licensed radio stations in south Florida; asking them to feature the "South Florida Business Directory" at  

  • The South Florida Business Directory is also constantly promoted from links on other popular pages here at

Additional Ways That We Promote This Directory In The Community
We will distribute 5,000 brochures in the community monthly to a different set of prospects each month, to promote the South Florida Business Directory at They will be distributed to people at their homes, at work, at the bus stations at the train stations etc. We will also promote the brochure online to our local fans and to our local followers on social media sites. You may also publish a brief ad in the brochure for a small monthly fee, in addition to promoting your business in this directory.

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